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Que Pasa (The cost of lunch) 3 Stars

Text from Stan, “Que Pasa?”

Nada, what’s up with you?

Stan… “New joint on Mooney…Lunch”

Sure why not.

We are not big fans of visiting a new establishment when they first open but let’s give this place a try anyway.

This is an interesting location for a dining establishment was the first thought that comes to mind. Located between Toys R Us and Sleep Number you will find one of Visalia’s newly opened restaurant/ margarita bar. It’s about 11:45 a.m. on a Wednesday and as I pull into the parking lot I notice what appears to be shattered glass from a vehicle. Hmmmm, with the increase of Visalia’s urban backing population is my car safe here? Stan is not going to like this but hey let’s live life on the edge and take our chances.

As I walk in I am met by two hostesses who appear to have skipped out on their morning cup- of- joe. So I start off with, Que Pasa!!!, “Excuse Me?” one replies. I proceed with, hi can I sit anywhere? “I’m sorry?” the other replied.  I’ll just sit at the bar and wait for Stan. So I proceed to the bar where I’m greeted by the bartender Alicia. She was very personable and suggested I try one of her favorite margaritas, the Serrano Cucumber Fresca or the Mangonyada Margarita. It’s 5 O’clock somewhere right? Or as Stan would say,  “It’s 1700 hours somewhere.”

Stan finally arrives and we order the Serrano Cucumber Fresca and the Mangonyada Margarita. Very tasty and quite refreshing I must admit. This establishment offers a plethora of margaritas,  11 additional cocktails and has 10 beers on tap ranging from domestic, imported and a couple of specialty beers. No matter what you’re in the mood for guests should not have a problem finding a drink to their liking.

As we are seated at a booth we get a chance look around and are pretty impressed with the ambience of this place. From the layout to Mexican sugar skull art throughout, this place is a very casual with a chill environment. Que Pasa is very inviting to the lunch guest with a cool outdoor patio area if you don’t mind the traffic noise of Mooney Blvd.

Time to eat, our server Javier makes a few suggestions so we order the Molcajete which is basically Fajita served in a lava rock molcajete in a Yucatan green sauce and the Angus steak wrap. Our food arrives in a timely manner and the presentation was great. The sizzle from the Molcajete and the aroma that filled  the air was definitely crowd pleasing .  The menu contained a decent variety to choose from and was very appealing.

Alicia at the bar and our server Javier provided great customer service and both took a genuine interest to ensure we were satisfied with the quality of the drinks and of the food we received. I would say this balanced out the initial dazed and confused interaction at the front door. All in all it was a great lunch experience until we received the bill ($55 plus for lunch). I think it’s your turn to pick up the tab Stan. Blank stare, guess we’ll split it. We’ll wait until payday for our next venture. Until then…

Update- The LR4U crew tried Que Pasa for dinner and yeah maybe we’ll stick to lunch. Patrons and the LR4U crew look for consistency and this was not the case on our recent visit. The food was good but the drinks were just ok to subpar. The bartender missed the mark in a big way. He appeared to be focused on entertaining his friends at the bar versus focusing on the drinks he was making. If you’re going to promote yourself as a “Margarita Bar” then focus on the consistency of your drinks your sending out. Sorry Stan lunch is on me next time. Keep up the good work Alicia. 

Let’s go to the score card-

Customer Service      


Food Quality                     
Taco Tues., Happy Hour Mon.-Fri. 2-6 and kids eat free on Wed.

Drink Selection         







2 thoughts on “Que Pasa (The cost of lunch) 3 Stars

  1. Totally agree with you! Food is really expensive and it wasn’t the best, if you’re craving mexican food I bet there’s better places with way lower prices.
    Nice review! Can’t wait for more, idk maybe more of the ones on main st?!!

    Liked by 1 person

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