Azul Mexican Grill- 3.75 Stars

Taco Tuesday at Azul???

Stan- Sure why not.

Why not??? Because they do Taco Wednesdays. Guess we’ll come back.

The LR4U crew has been on a mission to find the best Taco Tuesday in town. Our quest lead us to Azul Mexican Grill on Demaree. What we have found is there are only a handful of restaurants in Visalia that offer a “Taco Tuesday” on a Tuesday.

For this review we visited Azul on multiple occasions to give them a fair and honest review. Azul is a very inviting place with a nice patio area for a little outdoor dining and a whole lot of socializing.

Our first visit was a Tuesday like mentioned previously. We sat at the bar a had a few of their hand crafted margaritas which were pretty damn good. Azul does not have a drink menu so we provided a picture below.

Our second visit was on a Wednesday to partake in their taco night and then some and it was ok. There is something about the food being grilled up in front of you that adds to the experience for us. That is not the case with Azul. The patio area would be a perfect spot to host a taco night.

Our latest visit to Azul we sat inside and try a couple of their popular items, the grilled chicken and pineapple salad and the flautas. The food was pretty good but we would suggest adding to or using something other than iceberg lettuce.

A few things about Azul stood out to us, number one being the customer service. It’s obvious they have a passion for what they do. Jose along with his staff know how to treat their customers. Great job guys and other business owners should take notes. Second would be their hand crafted margaritas, amazing! We really love your watermelon margaritas and they’re in season.  Azul also serves chips with salsa and beans with cheese. A lot of places now days charge for everything and anything.

Being true to our review we made a few other observations of Azul. During our visits they appeared to be understaffed. This can impact multiple areas of the customers experience. On our first visit the bar area was empty but the floors were messy. On our second visit the service was a bit slow which resulted in cold tacos. Lastly the draft beer they were serving was not as cold as it should have been (36-38*). This results in excessive form and a loss in product.

Like a burrito let’s wrap this up. Azul will not leave you blue when it comes to their customer service. We are confident that Jose will handle the small issues and continue to thrive. For the LR4U crew we will be visiting this establishment again for the family atmosphere and their hand crafted cocktails. We would proudly recommend Azul to our family and friends. Cheers amigos!

Let’s go to the scorecard-

Customer Service- 4 Stars

Food Quality- 3 Stars

Drink Selection- 4 Stars

Ambience- 4 Stars

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