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Sequoia Brewing Company 3.6 Stars

You can often find the Locals Review Crew strolling down Main Street at sunset on any day of the week. There is something appealing about downtown that keeps us coming back. Maybe it the smell of something good cooking from one of the many restaurants or the sound of live music playing in the distance. Located in the heart of the Visalia (Locust and Main St.) you will find one of Stan’s favorite watering holes, the Sequoia Brewing Company. The LR4U crew visits this establishment regularly as we take in the vibe of downtown.

Sequoia Brewing has partnered with Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company to bring you a total of 14 craft and specialty beers on tap. Their beers are specific to their company but offer a wide variety that will appeal to any beer enthusiast. They also have a full bar with specialty drinks such as the Strawberry Basil Margarita or the Peach Jalapeño Margarita to name a few. If you plan on visiting this place make sure to designate a DD or Uber because it’s easy to get sucked in and stay a while.

Their food menu is filled with many options from the Ribeye Steak to the Tamarack Fish & Chips. The LR4U crew likes to socialize so we tend to stick to the appetizers. When you visit we would recommend the Bleu Cheese Steak Bites, the Fried Green Beans and the Pretzel Bites with the beer cheese sauce. It’s been our experience that the food is consistent, fast, fresh (hot) and reasonably priced.

Being true our site we have mixed feelings about the customer service. Maybe it’s the dynamics between the staff but it’s consistently hit or miss with the bartenders and the servers. When we walk through your doors the first impression sets the tone for the entire experience, so as a manager make sure you put your best foot forward when hiring a host or hostess. At the bar we look for bartenders that are personable and engaged with their customers. We get it, it’s sometimes hard during rush hours but keep in mind it’s the experience you are creating for the patrons. On our recent visit it was about 10:30 (2230 hours per Stan), we were enjoying our drinks when the server approach our table and suggested that we hurry and chug our drinks so that we could order another round before last call. My first thought was our average age was 40 and I don’t think we are trying to get wasted but rather enjoy the drinks we paid for. We’ll just chalk that up to the server who appeared to be in his early 20’s.

All in all the Sequoia Brewing Company is a place we consider when looking to get out on the town. The establishment does get busy and a bit on the loud side during the evening hours but for the most part it’s a chill environment. The facilities are always clean and management puts forth an effort to make the rounds to check on the patrons. If you’re looking to get out with friends or give a recommendation to visitors we would put Sequoia Brewing on your list.

Let’s go to the score card-

Customer Service

Food Quality

Drink Selection




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