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Bravo…Bravo Farms (Tulare)

Stan…you free for lunch?


Stan…Bravo in Tulare?

Me…see ya there!
We walk into the newly renovated Bravo Farms at the Tulare Outlet mall. Wow..they did an amazing job making the place more spacious and  and welcoming with all of its natural light, a small gift area and Rosa Brother’s ice cream (a must try). It’s decorated in a modern country theme which is a perfect fit for its menu and ambiance.

The staff is very friendly, a few of our favs work here. The service is almost always great. During their busy hours service can get a little slow…you will know by the size of the line to order food.

I order a tri-tip salad with all the trimmings, strawberries, apples, blue cheese, asparagus, cucumbers, carrots, & candied peanuts. The asparagus is amazing when they cook it on point, we know it can be tricky to cook. I topped it with the best spicy French dressing I’ve ever had…MMMM. Why is it that salads are so much better when someone else makes them?


Stan ordered the tri-tip Sandwich with fries and in his words said “it was delicious”. A man of so many words so I will let the pic do the rest of the talking from here.


To sum it up..this is by far the best restaurant in Tulare. I know their isn’t much competition but it still tops our list of favorites in the valley. Whether you are in Tulare, Visalia, Traver, or Kettleman City it is a must try! And don’t forget to take some cheese home!

So here’s how we scored Bravo Farms:

Customer Service

Food Quality

Drink Selection



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