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Pizano’s on Main 3.75 Stars

The LR4U crew including our pal Stan visit Pizano’s on Main St. in Visalia regularly. We have always been impressed with their customer service and the quality of the food and drinks. There are however, a few notable inconveniences when dining at this establishment.

img_2806Here’s where Pizano’s shines: Walking in gives you the feel of an intimate setting to take a first date or celebrate a special occasion with family and friends. The lighting is just right, not too bright and accented by the wood fired oven in the background.  The aroma of rustic baked pizza crusts fills the air.
Their gourmet pizzas are both salty and sweet with the play on flavors. Stan prefers the triple salami pizza with green olives. Their antipasti insalata and their homemade balsamic vinaigrette dressing are second to none. We would also recommend for starters the baked goat cheese or the bruschetta. Their sangria is tasty and the 10 beers on tap are always cold. Pizzanos also offers a handful of wines.
When it comes to customer service we have never been let down, their staff make you feel like family, always smiling and happy to see you. Miguel has always been amazing  and rumor has it he’s now serving at Tazzaria.
 Now let’s address a couple of the downsides to this establishment. Downtown Visalia is, as expected, a bit older and the building has been remodeled several times. When looking to wash your hands or use the restroom you have to ask for a key and walk next door to an adjoining business to use the facilities. It’s not very convenient when it’s cold and raining outside and not any fault of the business but with the increase of the urban backpacker community in the Visalia area it’s a bit of a disconnect.
So here’s how we scored Pizzano’s:
Customer Service

Food Quality- 4 Star

Drink Selection- 3 Star

Ambience- 3 Star

All in all this place is a must try and a tasty treat for food fanatics.



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