The Country Cafe- 3.6 Stars

img_2974Me- Rise and Shine! The County Cafe? Breakfast?

Stan- I’m your huckleberry.

Me- Let’s ride.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so the LR4U crew mounts up for an early morning ride. Sitting on the “corner” of Cain and Mineral King you will find a familiar breakfast spot with a complete make over (two thumbs up). From the rock-work on the exterior to the wood finish throughout, The Country Cafe has a whole new identity and we like what you’ve done with the place.


Walking in we are greeted and seated by a very friendly staff who were busy at the time but made us feel welcomed. The waitress and owner both made their way over to our table and took the time to interact with us. We had a few questions… they had some answers and made a few recommendations. For the LR4U crew it’s all about the experience and The Country Cafe is on to something here. Good job my friends!

It’s time to eat. Stan is always in search of good omelette or some homemade corned beef and hash. On this visit we ordered the omelette, and the pancakes and bacon. Our hash browns were extra crisp, just the way we like them. Their pork chops are seared then deep-fried. Stan was a happy man and very impressed. Sadly, having a country theme their corned beef and hash is not homemade (sad face) and their biscuits and gravy could use a little something. This establishment has only been open for about 3 months, so we’ll be back to give them another try.

All in all the food was pretty amazing and reasonably priced. We would definitely recommend The Country Cafe to our family and friends. We would also suggest you get there early as this place can get pretty busy on the weekends.

Let’s go to the score card-

Customer Service

Food Quality

Drinks Selection- (It’s a cafe)



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