La Esperanza, Cutler- Si Senor 3.5 Stars

With summer upon us…some of the LR4U crew head up to the Sequoias for cooler weather. It’s a nice day for a drive. After making the 100 mile loop we are usually ready to eat when we get back on the valley floor. Along Highway 63 in a small dusty farm town called Culter you will find La Esperanza Restaurant. An older brick building with a lot of history… but blink and you will miss it.

This is a family owned and operated establishment. You may walk in a stranger but you will leave as a member of the family. Their customer service is a recipe for success and is obvious since this place has been open as long as we can remember.

I’m starving so let’s eat. Be warned, the food is always great but depending how angry the chef is on that day will be reflected in the scoville units of their Chili Verde.  We would definitely recommend the Espe Chips with lettuce and tomato or the chili verde quesadilla. Many  have tried to mimic the Espe Chips but most pale in comparison. Their drink selection is limited but we definitely recommend their cadillac margarita or their michalada. After a long drive it’s time for a cold one.

Stan you’re driving, not it!!!


Again this is an older building and it’s  off the beaten path so this isn’t the best place for a social gathering. However, if you’re in search of great Mexican food for breakfast, lunch or dinner then we would recommend La Esperanza.

No shocker as we go to the scorecard-

Customer Service

Food Quality

Drink Selection


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