Quesadilla Gorilla- 3 Stars

The Thrilla at the Dilla. 


Stan- Lunch downtown, 1300 hours.

Do you ever work???

Stan- Affirmative. Lunch break.

Fine, where to?

Stan- Dilla

10/4 good buddy. I think Stan may have been in the Military or a fan of Arnold in Terminator. On that note I’d better get to the chopper!


It’s hard to walk by this spot without taking notice of their outdoor seating and the line of  patrons waiting to order.  Quesadilla Gorilla is one of our favorite lunch spots. The menu is simple, the food is flavorful and their service is pretty good.

On this visit I ordered the The Classic- Home made chili verde with black beans, Spanish style rice mixed with their cheddar and white cheese blend. Stan ordered the Evan Boling- Cilantro lime chicken with crisp bacon and fresh jalapeños mixed with their white cheese blend. Pulled that description right off their menu. The quesadillas were fresh off the grill and were complimented perfectly with their variety of sauces. Warning: the habanero salsa will light your shit on fire. As for their drink selection, the LR4U crew prefers the adult beverages but they aren’t available at the Gorilla. Drinking on your lunch hour can be frowned upon anyways.

We did find few downsides to this establishment. First is the size of this business. The inside of this place has like 1.5 tables for a total seating of 5. This cage is way too small for the size of this Gorilla. The outdoor seating is perfect for people watching, but is also at the mercy of Mother Nature. By people watching we are not referring to the ever growing number of Visalia’s urban backpacking population. It’s not any fault of the business but on this visit, a familiar transient on Main St. went through the trash can like a bear through a campsite.

If you’re looking to grab a quick bite with good food from a friendly crew then this is a great lunch spot. The  LR4U crew agrees that the Quesadilla Gorilla in Visalla is a Trilla for Realla. Say that five times after a few beers.

Let’s go to the scorecard-

Customer Service

Food Quality

Drink Selection


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