Good Times Cafe- 3.75 Stars

Stan goes to the dentist. 


Stan- Can’t have solid food, had a tooth pulled.

Have a shake…meet me at the Good Times Cafe.

Stan- 10/4.

Snuggled between Panda Express and Deli Delicious in the Packwood Creek shopping center we found a little gem by the name of Good Times Cafe. If it wasn’t for Stan’s recent trip to the dentist we may have missed out on this experience.

Walking in you are greeted and treated like an old friend. Space is limited so get there early for lunch or you may have to wait a few minutes for a booth.


On this visit we ordered the Frisco burger, (grilled on sourdough with jack cheese) and the Dreamer, (bacon, mushrooms , Swiss cheese and grilled onions). We also had to try the loaded fries with bacon and cheese. My mouth is watering writing this review. I wasn’t fast enough to capture a picture but Stan ordered the old fashioned strawberry shake which looked amazing by the way.

Family owned and operated this 50’s style diner is a hit with the LR4U crew. They had us “All Shook Up”. That’s an Elvis reference for you younger folks. The food was great and the service was excellent. This is definitely a favorite lunch spot in our books. Don’t forget to ring the bell on the way out and the staff including the cook will shout out their goodbyes.

Let’s go to the scorecard-

Customer Service

Food Quality

Drink Selection


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