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Tazzaria Let Down 2.75 Stars

A morning text from Stan reads…

Tazzaria? Breakfast? 1000 hours?

Feeling a bit hungry and needing my caffeine fix I stroll down to Tazzaria on Main St. to meet my PIC (partner in crime) Stan.  We walked into a cozy and inviting atmosphere…the kind of place you would enjoy a morning cup of joe (20 oz. non-fat Carmello ) with your spouse or BFF.

With their historic architectural charm in the heart of downtown Visalia it is the perfect spot to people watch from their outdoor seating.

On this morning, there were a couple of customers in line ahead of us and that’s when we noticed an obviously friendly employee behind the counter with an overwhelmed look on her face. She was taking orders, making drinks and cleaning tables all by her lonesome. So we ordered a couple of lattes (20oz. non-fat Carmello), a chorizo and egg burrito, along with the pancake and egg breakfast.

With one cook in the back we had plenty of time to make some observations. We sat in a booth that just so happened to be next to what we learned to be the owner of this establishment along with the manager of PHD downstairs and his young son. The two were having a meeting I’m assuming to discuss business matters.  By coincidence the manger requested the pancake and egg breakfast for his son also. When our food finally arrived we were far from impressed. The pancakes appeared to be the microwaveable type and tasted like cardboard package they came in. Stan wipes his face with his napkin and give me a look of disappointment. We thought about mentioning it to our already overwhelmed employee but knew that it would take another half hour to receive something a little more edible. Next, we thought to mention it to the manger but when we looked over his son hadn’t touched his food and had no interest in it. At that point, it was pretty obvious that these two were clueless to their surroundings, number one being the lack of customer service and two, the product they were serving.

The lattes (20oz. Carmello) we ordered we pretty good and the ambience were inviting but sadly overshadowed by poor service and sad breakfast which was no fault of the employee/cashier/server/barista. On a positive note I’ve heard some good reviews on their dinner service. It’s also my understanding that this is the same owner that owns Pizano’s who are doing things right. Maybe we caught them on an off day. Either way if we muster up the courage to venture there again I hope they redeem themselves. Sorry for the let down Stan, my treat next time.

Update- The LR4U crew decided to venture back and give this place another chance. It was about 9 p.m. and luck would have it a parking spot opened up on Main St., the neon OPEN sign was lit and we can see customers both inside and out. We walk in only to be informed that they close at 9 but their website indicates they close at 10. Yeah and the neon sign in the front window was to attract the bar crowd. Tazzaria let us down yet again. Fugazzis it is.

So here’s their score card-

Customer Service- 1.5 Stars

Food Quality- 2.5 Stars

Drink Selection- 3 Stars

Ambience- 4 Stars

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