Chapala Grill- 4 Stars

What’s all the hype about Chapala Grill?

img_3127.jpgStan- “Been there…done that. It’s pretty good.”

Really without the crew???

Stan- “They do a Taco Night on Saturdays and make a pretty good Molcajete.”

You had me at Molcajete! That’s fun to say, Molcajete. Admit it you just said it again… Molcajete.

We’ve been hearing a lot about Chapala Grill. So, the LR4U crew heads south of the border… Ok we headed to Goshen and Akers in Visalia. We wanted to get the full experience for our readers so… we may have staked this place out on more than one occasion.

Walking up, Chapala Grill doesn’t look like anything special but as we got a little closer we were hit with the aroma of their outdoor grill. The best way to describe it is…when a server walks by your table with another customers fajitas, the sight, the sound, and the scent of grilled steak, onions and peppers drifting by. Let’s just say we had our share of tacos and then some on that night. The patio is the perfect setting to grab you some tacos and a couple drinks with family and friends.

On our next visit, we sat inside to get the full experience. Their staff was very friendly and very attentive. On this occasion we ordered several items off their dinner menu one being their Molcajete. We have to admit it was pretty damn good! What was more impressive was the customer interaction with the staff and more so with Pedro. There were laughs shared along with hand shakes and even hugs. Chapala Grill wasn’t serving customers… they were grilling for friends.

Now being true to our blog we did find a few negatives during our visits. On both occasions we had multiple servers one that took our order, another brought out our food, and one more served up our drinks (which isn’t to bad until you can’t find one to get a refill). It was a bit confusing who was assigned to us. Plus, how are they keeping track of how many tacos our table had throughout the night? Looking at the tab at the end of the night we believe they may have over charged us by about 4 tacos. On another occasion, our server recommended the Molcajete, her words were, “It will feed two” but it’s served with only 2 tortillas. We ordered a double order but even four torts weren’t enough for the two of us! However, their homemade tortillas were pretty amazing….oh wait, this is supposed to be negative. Finally, Chapala Grill has a full bar and makes some pretty decent drinks but has no cocktail menu. We enjoy reading the description of your drinks and pictures wouldn’t hurt either. See our example below. Very appealing isn’t it?


Let’s wrap this up. Their outdoor patio area is perfect for socializing with friends or reserve it for that special occasion. The interior can get a bit crowded but like most family gatherings, it gets loud. Their food and drinks are good and their customer service is GREAT!! We would recommend Chapala Grill to anyone and everyone. Good job guys and thanks for allowing us to be a part of the experience.

No surprise as we go to the scorecard-

Customer Service

Food Quality

Drink Selection


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