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Fugazzis 3.9 Stars

Stan and the LR4U crew take an evening stroll.

Located on the corner of Main St. and Locust in downtown Visalia you will find the trendy restaurant Fugazzis. This establishment has curb appeal and is very inviting from the exterior. The color schemes and lighting draw you inside and it’s no surprise the theme is consistent throughout. The decor and lighting are perfect for an intimate dinner or a social gathering with friends. Fugazzis Blue Room provides a very relaxing environment that makes want sit… and stay a while.


The LR4U crew has visited Fugazzis several times for dinner, drinks and for special occasions. Our experience have been great to just ok. Walking in,  Fugazzis along with its staff make a very good first impression. The staff is very friendly… well the bartenders (one we had so maybe not all) could use a little more personality, but the patrons seem to enjoy themselves. The servers were very knowledgeable of the menu and their recommendations were spot on.

We love to eat and Fugazzis food has always been consistent… consistently tasty. From the Apple Pecan Salad, Carbonara to Stans favs, the Ribeye Steak or the Blackened Santa Fe New York Strip, Fugazzis menu offers a wide variety of choices. We would also recommend the Brussels Sprouts. “Deep-fried and tossed in olive oil, with applewood- smoked bacon, spiced pecans and grated parmesan.” Yeah I pulled that description off their menu. It paints a nice picture for you, our readers. If that doesn’t help we also snapped a picture of the dish for you… you’re welcome.


The LR4U crew agrees that Fugazzis is a decent watering hole, just don’t show up in a tank top and flip flops. Fugazzis provides 12 beers on tap ranging from imported to specialty. They also offer a nice variety of wines and over twenty cocktails, such as the spicy cucumber margarita, white sangria and the brown derby martini. We would also recommend any of their  mules served up in the classic fancy copper mug (Strawberry Lemonade Mule in amazing).

Now for the negative, we have been in search of the best Taco Tuesday in town and rumor had it that Fugazzis is the place to visit. One recent stroll down Main Street landed us at Fugazzis on a Tuesday. As we walked in we are seated in the main restaurant and were so ready to try their tacos. We waited patiently to order just to find out that you have to be seated at the bar or in the “Blue Room” in order to partake in Taco Tuesday. It would have been nice to have been informed of that before we sat down in the general dining area. The search for the ever allusive “Taco Tuesday” continues….

Let’s go to the score card-

Customer Service

Food Quality


Drink Selection


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