Shanghai Chinese Restaurant

I’m hungry.

Stan- Been sick, not much of an appetite.

I know just the place!


Meet you at Shanghai’s in the Akers and Walnut shopping center.

Stan- 10/4.

With so many options in this shopping center it easy to walk by the Shanghai restaurant. The LR4U crew gets around and with an abundance of Chinese restaurants in Visalia we find ourselves as regulars there.

img_5161-1With Stan a bit under the weather I recommended the Hot and Sour soup. Who doesn’t like soup when they’re sick? This soup will clear your sinuses for sure.

As for the rest of us we like to keep it simple so we ordered the spicy porkchops, orange chicken, barbecued pork fried rice and the house chow mein. We thought it would be a bit rude having a few Sapporo’s in front of Stan so we opted for the hot tea.

The customer service here is consistently friendly and the food is always good. There is only one minor downside to this establishment that we could find and that was the size of this restaurant. This place gets packed during their lunch and dinner hours so get there early or expect to wait for a table.

Like an egg roll let’s wrap this up. The LR4U crew agrees if you’re looking to satisfy that craving for Chinese food then we would definitely recommend Shanghai. Good food and good customer service is a winning combination every time. 

Let’s take a look at the scorecard-

Customer Service

Food Quality

Drink Selection


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