Martha’s- 3.1 Stars

M is for Martha’s and Martha’s is Mmmmm good.

Martha’s is located in the small town of Orosi on Road 128 or HWY 63. For years this establishment was located in a house turned restaurant. With their new location and new building Martha’s is now a shining star in Orosi.

Martha’s customer service was ok on this visit. Our server looked like she could use a cup of coffee. But anyway we ordered the Chorizo and Eggs, the Oakie burrito and Stan had the Chili Verde breakfast burrito. The food came out fairly quick and was very good but lacked in presentation. See pictures below.

The white plates they use remind us of a cafeteria and they could garnish their dishes to spice them up.

Lastly we could help but take note of their menu. See picture below.

They offer their own rendition of the famous Espi Chip and Espi Fries.

Let’s wrap this up. If you find yourself driving through Orosi and looking for some decent Mexican food then Martha’s is a sure bet. This establishment is clean, the food is good and the service is ok.

Now let’s go to the scorecard-

Customer Service- 2.5 Stars

Food Quality- 3.5 Stars

Drink Selection- 3.5 Stars

Ambience- 3 Stars

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