Summer is Here. 

Stating the obvious as we bake in this 100+ degree weather but what better way to cool off in this unrelentless heat then with a cool, refreshing cocktail. The LR4U crew is partial to craft brews but is always in the search of a summer cocktail that makes living in the armpit of California a little easier.

What does the LR4U crew look for in a summer cocktail? Homemade, fruit puree based adult beverages. Seasonal fruit is abundant and the LR4U crew appreciates the establishments that utilize the bounty of the local land. You can really taste the difference between a bottled fruit syrup vs a fresh fruit puree or freshly muddled cocktail. If you haven’t taken the time to compare fresh fruit vs bottle fruit syrup, do so this summer.

Jack and Charlies has the best strawberry basil martini that is made with strawberry infused vodka and fresh basil. The only downfall is that it comes in a tiny glass(or maybe I just have large hands) Nevertheless, I would prefer they sell the martini in a large 32oz Styrofoam cup…keeping it classy, I know.

PHd Downtown has an incredible blackberry, basil lemon martini made with fresh, in house made sour, Crème de Mure and fresh basil. They serve this cocktail in a sugar rimmed martini glass and before you know it, you have drank 2 or 7 of them. Hello, Uber?

Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon! There is nothing better than a fresh watermelon, adult refreshment. Surprisingly, the LR4U crew found the best watermelon cocktails at Chili’s! This isn’t a typo, Chili’s(see our blog regarding their food…yikes!). Chili’s uses a fresh watermelon puree for there watermelon margaritas and watermelon coolers. The drinks are always consistent and they are decent in size. The LR4U crew hasn’t found a way to order these drinks to go so we endure the commercial restaurant vibe of Chili’s.

The palates of the LR4U crew are wide and varied and some of us love a spicy, cucumber, jalapeno margarita (Fugazzis). Yes we have a picture for your enjoyment. 

We don’t always wait to take a picture before partaking in this liquid goodness so we apologize for this picture (Left of Center) . 

This summer we would like to wish you happy hunting. Get out, enjoy a refreshing drink with good friend and let us know where or who has the best cocktail in town. Travel safe by Designating a Drive or be like Stan and Uber it.

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