Sequoia Brewing Update- Service Fail

When the LR4U crew heads out to meet up and review a local establishment, it is customer service that is at the front of our minds. We can overlook a lot of things and know that we are all human and we have our days, but when you are in the food service industry your employees are your business card and the face of your establishment. 

The LR4U crew recently visited one of our previously reviewed restaurants, Sequoia Brewing Company, with some family including a little one. It was a weekend afternoon and the fried green beans and salad sounded good. We walked into a fairly empty restaurant with only about 4 tables occupied at the time, so we were seated right away.

The waitress came by and without as much as a hello or a smile asked for our drink order. We could tell from our first interaction that this wasn’t going to be a welcoming visit. In fact, we felt like we were inconveniencing her with coming into the restaurant to eat. We have had this particular waitress before and unfortunately we can’t say we have ever had good service from her, it’s always mediocre at best.

The waitress dropped off our drinks and quickly walked away not leaving us any chance to give her our appetizer order. About 20 minutes later, (remember the restaurant isn’t busy) she finally came back and took our order. Immediately after taking all the adult orders she starts to walk away so we had to loudly say “excuse me” because she didn’t bother to take the order for our child at the table. Looking annoyed, she came back to the table to add our little one’s meal.

She never returned to our table to refill drinks or check on us. Luckily there were two young men working who took care of refilling our drinks. She finally brought out our food and once again never came back to our table except to drop of  our $80 bill.

Our questions to you are, when is it ok in today’s society not to tip? What are we tipping for? Because they took our drink and food order? Where was the customer service? Are we expected to tip at least 15-20 percent of our hard earned money regardless of the service quality? On this particular day, our crew truly didn’t want to leave a tip nor will we return to Sequoia Brewing to be treated the way we were. We sure hope the tip we left went to the two young men who wore smiles on their faces, checked on our table, and brought us our refills. The most important tip we can leave for our server that night is: find a job that you enjoy and maybe it’s not in the food service industry. As for the management of this establishment,  if you really care about your customers’ experience, pay attention to your employees. Be observant, watch how your staff interacts with each and everyone of your customers. 

As for LR4U crew, we won’t be back to Sequoia Brewing any time soon but look forward to the opening of BarrelHouse Brewing Co. a couple of blocks down on Main St.

Let’s go to the score card-

Customer Service

Food Quality

Drink Selection


3 thoughts on “Sequoia Brewing Update- Service Fail

  1. I am a waitress and have 14 years of experience. I know we all have our days, but I refuse to got out to eat anymore. No one is entitled to a tip. I have been to this establishment 4 times and the food and service has been unsatisfactory. With as many places to go service can not lack.

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  2. Thanks for your comment Victoria!! It’s always nice to hear from someone who has experience. Most of the time we feel obligated to tip and aren’t sure what to do when service lacks.


    1. A bad yelp review using the servers name is what I would do. I would not stiff them, but I will definitely give a bad review. This job is not for everyone.


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