Red Robin- Fails to Fly 2.3 Stars

It takes a lot to piss Stan off. Congrats Red Robin of Visalia, Congrats.

Got my weekly text from Stan, “Robin, remodeled… You in?”

The Red Robin at the Visalia “Mall”, sure why not. It’s mid week, mid afternoon and it’s not the holiday season, we should be ok. Guess again.

As we walk through the front doors we are met by the hostess who is wearing cat shit face.  What is cat shit face you ask??? Have you ever stepped in a fresh steaming pile of cat shit??? That, is cat shit face not to be confused with resting bitch face.

Anyhow, rather than greeting and seating us she walks off so… we seat ourselves. Again mid afternoon, the place is pretty empty. Nine empty tables in the bar area to be exact. A few minutes later the hostess comes marching over with menus and silverware, “Is this your first time here?” She asks. Umm no. “Ok so next time check in with me and wait to be seated.” Really??? Are you sure there’s going to be a next time? I’m going to wash my hands and let Stan handle this one. So I make my way over to the restrooms… maybe they haven’t remodeled them yet was my first thought. They definitely hadn’t been cleaned or checked on in a while. The floors were wet, slippery and smell like the urinals at a football stadium.

That’s how this experience started but in fairness it wasn’t all bad. There were a few standouts during this experience, server Moisas, Stormy and Andrew behind the bar. These employees took pride in their job and focused on customer service. Plus who doesn’t like bottemless steak fries?

The beer is always cold and their cocktails are consistent. The LR4U crew would consider this place a decent watering-hole where everyone knows your name. So if you find yourself over and done with shopping at the Mall and want to stop in for a tasty burger and a quick drink, this is your place.

As for Stan, he would rather wait in the drive thru at In & Out Burger across the street and wash it down with a few beers from the fridge at home.

No surprise as we go to the scorecard-

Customer Service

Food Quality

Drink Selection


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