Sushi Kuu- 3.4 Stars


Stan- Negative.

I’m sure they offer Chicken.

Stan- Negative.

Ok then we’ll let you know how it goes.

The LR4U crew ventures outside of our comfort zone. We like to think that we are experts when it come to dining out but truth of the matter is we are novice when it comes to sushi.

Hidden in the Kmart shopping center we found a no frills establishment by the name of Sushi Kuu. Not much to look at from the outside but as we entered we found a packed house. Roberto welcomed us and sat us fairly quickly. He was educated on their specials and painted a very nice picture as he described them. He also shared his experiences and made a few recommendations.

On this venture we decided to play it safe… ordering a couple of rolls and a bento box.

As we sat there though we watched some amazing dishes being presented to the tables around us. At this point we wished we would have enlisted an expert to assist us on this venture. Who wants to be out expert on our next visit?

Here is what we do know. Chef Albert and brother Andre Utomo’s journey from the east coast to the Central Valley is definitely a win for Visalia and the surrounding communities. Their customer service was great and evident as they interacted with their customers at the bar. Although we were new customers the staff were very welcoming and made us feel like regulars.

Like an egg roll… let’s wrap this up. Sushi Kuu has a nice selection of Japanese beers and saki. Their daily specials are creative and unique to say the least. The restaurant provides an intimate setting for that one-on-one date or for a small group of friends. So if you consider yourself an expert in Japanese cuisine then Sushi Kuu is the place for you. The LR4U crew will be back to sit at the sushi bar and continue to venture out of our comfort zone.

Let’s go to the scorecard-

Customer Service

Food Quality

Drink Selection



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