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Left of Center- 4 Stars

Left us wanting to come back for more!

Stan is a man that does not like change. He likes what he likes and is hesitant to trying new things. Stan was glad he joined us on this venture.

Sitting on the corner of Center and Johnson you will find a familiar business with a whole new look. Sue Sa’s catering took a turn in the right direction or a Left of Center.

With new paint on the exterior to a colorful interior the LR4U were pleasantly surprised.

Left of center describes their food as Southern food steeped in invigorating Latin flavors. So on this visit we decided to try a little bit of everything on the menu simply because it sounded that good. We started off with the their hand crafted serrano cilantro margarita, pomegranate margarita, Downtown Donkey and a draft beer from BarrelHouse. (We were eager to try it before we snapped a picture.)

We also ordered the chili verde empanadas, lil tamales, flatbread, chips and trio of salsas and the guacamole for appetizers which were fantastic.  Did I mention that we tried everything?

Oh and did we mention the restaurant serves complimentary bacon wrapped dates for everyone?

Now for dinner we had ribeye dinner, arugula spinach and steak salad and the ribeye torta. We must have been starving on that night. Yes…we ate it all!


Oh yeah we also shared the pistachio cheesecake which was to die for (No one actually died for it during this review)

At the end of the night all we could think about is when are we coming back to this place. We’ll just say that Sue hit the lottery with Arthur as her Chef. The food was amazing and the service was great. The staff was very friend, attentive and offered their suggestions on what we should try. They were packed but we didn’t feel like we waited very long for anything we ordered.

There was only a few  downsides that we identified during our visit. One being the fountain drink machine in the dining area. Great gourmet food is served yet the drink machine made the room feel like a fast food joint. Lastly was the size of the salsa cups. See example below.

When you serve this-

You get this-

For those that may be wondering we used a spoon for the rest of that salsa. 

This scorecard shouldn’t surprise you-

Customer Service

Food Quality

Drink Selection


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