The Cafe- 3.75 stars

A Crossfit workout or Chicken Fried Steak for breakfast? Tough decision, I think we will sit this one out and watch through the window. Let’s grub!!!

Hidden in the industrial part of Visalia the LR4U crew visits The Cafe on Shirk St. It’s hard to drive past this place on the weekend without noticing all the crossfitters running around or all the customers waiting to get in. From the exterior, The Cafe isn’t anything to brag about and this carries on into the interior. So we asked ourselves what’s the big attraction to this place? We got that answer shortly after…

Greeted by the friendly staff we had the opportunity to ask a few questions and make some observations while we waited for a table. This place was busy but the staff didn’t appear overwhelmed and wore smiles as they hustled to serve their customers. At one point we watched the owner/chef come out and greet his customers. Let me repeat that, this place was busy and the chef took the time to leave the kitchen to interact with his customers. Now that’s customer service.

As we waited for a table we were teased by the food that went by. It was like a fashion show runway and the waitresses were modeling the food for us. First it was the sweet smell of pancakes and crisp bacon. Then it was steak and eggs. Next an omelette and was that shrimp and grits???  Yes it was. Well played my friends.

This is one of Stans favorite breakfast spots and being a creature of habit he sticks with the Pancakes. The rest of the crew had the Chilaquiles, the Chicken Fried Steak and yes we had the New Orleans Style Shrimp and Grits. We could give you a detailed description of the food but we’re just going to leave you with a few pictures instead. Enjoy.

All we can say was their presentation and the food were great. The Cafe also offers a small selection of beers but we would recommend a Mimosa or their Bloody Mary.

During our visit we didn’t find any areas of concern but we did make some observations. First was the decor, it went from graffiti art to street signs to car parts hanging off the walls. We get the industrial theme but it was a bit confusing. We also noticed that half the restaurant uses table clothes while other half does not. Lastly was the branding of this establishment. The Cafe changed its name from Tommy’s Cafe to The Cafe with a crown on its menu. We’ve also seen “The Cafe 559” and their shirts reflect Visalia Local Eatery. Tommy Chavez and his staff have a reputation and a following that speaks for itself. In this instance we would suggest keeping things simple and consistent throughout.

In the end we really enjoyed our visit and would recommend The Cafe to anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to experience this place. Again, their food and the their customer service were great. Tommy has assembled a winning team from the hostess to the servers to the kitchen. If you plan on visiting The Cafe make sure to bring your appetite and your stretchy pants.We look forward to your dinner menu. Great job guys.

There is no surprise as we go to the scorecard.

Customer Service

Food Quality

Drink Selection


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