LR4U Crew

Who is the LR4U Crew?

Who is the LR4U crew?

A group of friends that enjoy the social aspect of wining (we enjoy beer & cocktails) and dining.

We live in and around the City of Visalia and believe in supporting local businesses. As we sat at different restaurants over the past few years, we found ourselves chatting (critiquing really) about our restaurant experience, fav watering holes and top coffee spots.

Our conversations always started out with the service. How was the service? How did we feel when we left? Would we go back? Would we ask for or hope for the same server? Did the server interact with us? Were they personable? Was the owner present & interacting with customers?

Then we would focus on the food quality and drink selection (adult beverages mostly). Was it a dish we would order again? What would we do to improve the dish? Was it worth the cost? Would we recommend it to others? Was the drink made with fresh fruit or syrup?

Lastly was the ambience. Is the decor appeasing to the eye? Does the decor fit the theme of the restaurant? Does the restaurant look and feel clean? Are the restrooms clean?

Our goal with this blog is to give an honest review for both our followers and for the businesses. We are looking to catch and highlight establishments doing things right and share the areas that need improvement, for those that care.

This is a personal blog and we are not getting paid or sponsored for this blog. We are NOT writing a term paper for an English class, so expect (including but not limited to) grammatical errors, misspelling, run on sentences, and misuse or lack of punctuation. We use our Iphone to write at times and we all know it likes to change words for us. Bear with us….

We encourage feedback from our readers and want to hear about your experiences too. So, please like, comment and share. LET’S HAVE SOME FUN!!

If you would like your establishment reviewed send us a gift card (address below) along with your recommendation for an appetizer, drink and best dish. If not, no worries. I’m sure we will see you soon!!!

PO Box 3657
Visalia, CA 93277


The LR4U Crew

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