Dimples Diner- 2.5 Stars


Shiny on the outside, could use some TLC on the inside.

The LR4U crew took a trip back in time and doo whooped into this shiny diner by the name of Dimples,  located on east Main Street.

Pulling up you are blinded by the chrome finish of the exterior. This place resembles a 1950’s Airstream travel trailer. Surprisingly, the interior also looked like it hasn’t been touched since the 1950’s.

We were immediately greeted and seated in this expectantly small restaurant. We are guessing that occupancy load is no more than 30. On this venture, the staff was fairly friendly and helpful in making our food selection. We ordered a couple of burgers and a breakfast plate with the biscuits and gravy. The food came out quickly and was decent.

The only downside we could find with this establishment was the cleanliness and the repairs needed.

Being such a small establishment it doesn’t take much to keep it clean. A little glue on the baseboards wouldn’t hurt.

In the end Dimples Diner was just… OK. If you work in the area and are looking for a quick bite then this is a decent breakfast and lunch stop. With a little TLC this diner could be a hot spot.

Check out our previous review of two of our favorite spots, The Country Cafe and Good Times Cafe.

Where to next Stan?

Let’s go to the score card-

Customer Service

Food Quality

Drink Selection


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