Vintage Press- 2.6 Stars

If you live in or around Visalia you’ve either experienced or heard of the Vintage Press, VP as most call it. Telling from the cars in the parking lot this place looks expensive. Well the LR4U crew didn’t let that discourage us so we paid the Vintage Press a visit or two.

On our first visit we decided to stop in for a couple of drinks. It’s was a Saturday night about 9 p.m. As we walked in we felt a tad under-dressed but we were with good friends and had some money to spend. Melinda was the hostess who greeted us by asking if we would be having dinner. We politely replied that we would be having a few drinks and maybe a few appetizers. The restaurant was fairly empty and tables were abundant. She then stated that she needed to prepare our table, so we watched her proceed over to a table and strip it of its silverware and table cloth. Hidden underneath the table cloth was a plywood table top.

Our first thought was, are we not worth a table cloth? Followed by how much does it cost to launder one table cloth?

On the upside of this visit, we each ordered a drink and were pleased with what we ordered (we forgot to take pictures). The VP bartender made a few suggestions and we love that they are creative and take the time to make a drink to each persons taste. After a few drinks our party decided to order a few appetizers.

Now we’re thinking do we get our table cloth back? The answer was no. At the end of this visit we spent over $200 plus the tip, but left feeling robbed.

Gluttons for punishment we ventured to the VP again. This time for the dinner experience.

It’s a Friday night and we were seated right away. As we are walked back into the dining area Stan is asked to remove his hat. Stan doesn’t like to comb his hair and prefers to wear a hat everywhere he goes. No biggie… I guess since it is fine dining.

As we were seated here’s what we observed first. If you’re going to promote fine dining, then ensure that it’s not just a reputation you’re riding on. Ensure that your business is squared away from top to bottom. The restaurants carpets gave off a vintage smell and the window sills were covered in dust.

Yes… Stan wrote “Hi” in the dust.img_5516

Being true to our review it wasn’t all bad. We ordered a few items that were very flavorful and the presentation was nice. The crab cakes were a delicious choice.

Our waitress on this visit was very nice and knowledgeable about the daily special. She did a really nice job on painting us a picture of their food and her dessert recommendation was on point.

Let’s make like leftovers and box this up.

In the end Stan wasn’t very impressed. The best part of our experience was Tate the bartender, our waitress and the dessert she recommended. If you’re looking to dress up and act fancy then the Vintage Press is the place to visit. As for the LR4U crew we prefer casual dining.

No surprise when we go to the scorecard.

Customer Service

Food Quality

Drink Selection


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