El Rosal- 3 Stars

A lunch text from Stan: Hungry?

The LR4U crew: Yup!

The LR4U crew heads out to El Rosal for this review.

El Rosal has two location, one on south Mooney Blvd. and the other on west Noble Ave. To give you an honest review we paid a visit to both locations.

At both locations we were greeted by friendly staff and seated fairly quickly.

At the Mooney location, the owner actually came over and took our order. It’s always a plus to see owners that take an interest in their customers. Looking at all the soccer plaques on the wall it pretty obvious that he also take an interest in supporting the local community.

It’s time to order and of course we had to ask about and try the special of the day at both locations, the Ranchero Tacos. Sautéed onions, peppers, avocado and cilantro in a carnitas taco…Mmmm. We also tried the 3 item lunch special (taco, burrito, & tamale), fish taco, and Stan’s usual the carne asada burrito. Stan was very pleased with his burrito, we could tell by his clean plate. Their presentation was good and the food was tasty… for the most part. The rice was bland and lacked a little in flavor, but nothing there cabbage salsa can’t fix.

El Rosal’s drink menu is what you would expect from a Mexican restaurant….margarita’s and mucho margarita’s. They also offer a full bar. The highlight for us was their Michelada and the Perfect Cadillac Margarita.The bar area at both locations is very inviting and makes you want to pull up to it with good friends.

The dining area could use some attention. We snapped a few pictures as an example.

Let’s make like leftovers and box this up.

In the end it is easy to support an establishment with good customer service and one that is involved in the community. The food and drinks were pretty good. The ambience was dampened by the rundown upholstery of their booths, a minor issue that can be easily fixed. The LR4U crew plans on returning and would recommend El Rosal to our friends and family.

Which El Rosal do you visit most often? Mooney or Noble? What is your favorite dish at El Rosal?

Let’s go to the score card-

Customer Service

Food Quality

Drinks Selection


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