Farm Fresh Bowls

Since Breakfast is the most important meal of the day we thought we’d give Farm Fresh Bowls a try, come to find out they also have a lunch.

Located at 5427 W. Cypress on the west side of Visalia you will find this little gem. It is a very small place with a long line cars in their drive- thru. Stan doesn’t like to wait in the driv-e thru so we decided to park and order at the window.

There was little to no wait at the window so we had a chance to peek at their menu. Soooo many choices and they all sounded soooo good. Their bowls range from oatmeal, yogurt, fresh fruit, acai, to a three egg scramble.

The staff was super friendly and suggested a few of other customers favorites. On this visit we decided to try their savory Chicken Caprese Orzo bowl and the Peanut Butter Power bowl. We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves….

Their drink menu also offers a little something for everyone. You will find tea and coffee, both drip and iced, along with milk, juices and their natural sodas.

We did find a few downsides to their business. The first was the wait, we waited about 7 minutes for our order. Given that they make their bowl to order I guess it’s to be expected. Next was their limited out door seating and being located next to a car wash. Last was their facilities which were for employees only. Having to walk to next business to wash your hands was a bit of a downer.

Let’s make like a bowl to- go and put a lid on it. Farm Fresh Bowls is a healthier alternative to your typical fast food restaurants. With great customer service and flavorful food this is a place we would recommend if you have a little time to spare.

Let’s go to the score card-

Customer Service

Food Quality

Drinks Selection


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