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Planing Mill 2.0

The Planing Mill 2.0 sits just a few blocks from the old place and you know what???


It’s HUGE and well designed with the exposed old wood roof and the currently popular industrial feel.

Planing Mill is one of our fav pizza joints and we find ourselves happy happy happy that in the move, not much has changed other than the location and ambience. It is still good customer service, good food, cold brews… and now with a chill environment.

On this visit, we ordered a few of our favorites and tried a couple of new items off the menu. We had the bruschetta…which is as good as it looks.

Fresh toasted bread topped with pesto & olive oil and loaded with tasty cherry tomatoes cut in half, parmesan cheese, garlic, and drizzled with balsamic.

The Artichoke Fritters are worth a try too. On the outside they are lightly breaded. Inside it is a mix of artichoke hearts, mozzarella, onion, garlic, parmesan, basil, and served with a house aoli.

Stan had the all meat calzone. As you know he’s not a man of many words but…he ate it all! So, that says a lot.

We had the red pulled pork sandwich with slaw and onion straws.

The Thai wings, which were AMAZING by the way. We’d say BEST wings in town.

And finally the Italian salad. The picture says it all.

If all the pictures didn’t make you hungry, than we don’t know what will.

We forgot pictures of their beers and the beer menu, but take our word for it, there is a plethora of beers for your enjoyment.

Let’s make like pizza dough and knead this up

What an improvement, the Planing Mill has become a shining star in our books. Alex the bar manager along with rest of the staff provided solid customer service. The food is always great, the beers are always cold and the new digs make you want to hang out all day long. They also offer a banquet room for parties or small gatherings. The new place has a men’s and women’s restrooms that are actually inside now. Not like the old place where everyone shared the one toilet outside.

A couple of downsides we found. First, they do not provide paper towels in the restrooms which if you’re a germaphobe like Stan you want paper towels for the door handles. Lastly, their parking situation which is limited to curbside on Center St. It sounds like they are working on a solution though and a short walk after eating all that food never hurt anyone.

If you haven’t been,  you need to visit our friends at the Planing Mill. You won’t be disappointed and if your group is feeling brave then give their pizza challenge a try.Tackle this monster between 8 people in under 30 minutes??? It’s doable just not on this night. Stay hungry my friends.

Let’s go to the score card-

Customer Service

Food Quality

Drinks Selection


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