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The Butcher and The Baker- 3.5 Stars


Stan’s up early and needs to feed the machine. The LR4U crew decides to try The Butcher & The Baker.

Located at 604 W. Murray within the Glicks & Co. butcher shop, we found a great breakfast spot. This place has a farm house cafe feel… warm and cozy.

We were hesitant at first to try this place….not because we were afraid of the food. We were afraid that since it is inside a butcher shop, it would smell like one. You know that smell when you walk in…but luckily it doesn’t.

On this morning, we ordered the Steak & Eggs, an 8 oz. ribeye steak, 2 eggs with potatoes in a chipotle sauce and The Chopper. The Chopper is 2 pork chops with 2 eggs stacked on top smothered in country gravy. We went with extra avocado just because we like avocado. Here are a couple pictures to tease you.

Like a cup of coffee let’s sweeten this up. With great ambience and good food the only thing that could make this experience better was the customer service. Miguel was on point and very personable. If you haven’t met him at Pizanos or Tazzaria, pay him a visit at The Butcher and The Baker.

In the end, there was on small thing that we would change. That is the plastic cups they served drinks in. With the cozy theme they have going we would suggest mason jars rather than plastic. Just a suggestion.

Good job guys and I’m sure we will see you soon!

Let’s go to the score card.

Customer Service- 4 Stars

Food Quality- 3.5 Stars

Drink Selection- 2.5 Stars

Ambience- 4 Stars


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