Cafe Lafayette- 4 Stars

With football season over and warmer weather upon us, the LR4U crew finds ourselves out for a little brunch. Located in the heart of Exeter, CA, at 151 S. E St., you will find Cafe Lafayette.

A cozy restaurant with an inviting patio area that we found great for people watching and relaxing. With this awesome California weather it is the perfect setting to enjoy brunch on the patio.

To add to the ambience on the patio, we enjoyed listening to an artist (we forgot to get her name) with an amazing voice who played soothing sounds on her acoustic guitar.

We decided to start off brunch with a couple of adult beverages… and what rhythms with Sunday? Bloody Mary’s! Well maybe not but we ordered them anyway. Cafe Lafayette calls them the Bloody Woerz, which was inspired by one of their amazing friends (pulled that from their website). It is Clamato based and served with an onion and olive (two olives it says on their website). We ordered ours spicy and it did not disappoint!!

As a starter for brunch, we were served with a freshly baked mini croissant accompanied with a side of honey butter, homemade jam and fresh fruit. The croissant was perfectly flaky and delicious with the honey butter and jam. We might have asked for a few croissants to take with us. The fresh fruit is not pictured but we are sure you can use your imagination for that one.

Now for the main course. We ordered the  Marquis Burger which is made of a beef patty, sausage patty, shape cheddar and a fried egg served with caramelized hashbrown potatoes and grilled asparagus. This was by far the best breakfast burger we have had yet! The combination seemed odd at first, but then the first bite had us sold.

Stan, went out of his comfort zone and ordered the Corned Beef Hash which was served with two eggs, caramelized onion hashbrowns and grill asparagus. Amazing by the way!!!

If the pictures of the food hasn’t convinced you to give this place a try then you must be a continental breakfast kinda person. So, get our of your comfort zone and go try it!!

On this visit, the service was good but a little on the slow side. It was a Sunday morning, prior to the church crowd and the restaurant was fairly empty. Maybe a few more staff members would have added to our experience.

Let’s make like our Bloody Woerz and finish this up.

Cafe Lafayette is a great place to visit with both family and friends. Whether you’re dining inside or on the patio the ambience is enjoyable. The service was good and the staff was friendly. The food was great and the drinks were spicy… just the way we like them!!!

Looking at the dinner menu and cocktail list has us planning our next visit.

Let’s go to the scorecard-

Customer Service- 3.5 Stars

Food Quality- 4 Stars

Drink Selection- 4 Stars

Ambience- 4.5 Stars

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