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“Owie” and Sons Pizza Parlor- 1.5 Stars

It is pretty obvious to us when an owner is disconnected from their business. If you have visited Howie and Sons pizza recently then you understand exactly what we are talking about.

Driving up their sign is unreadable…

the parking lot is rundown and poorly lit at night.

Customers want to feel safe when they visit an establishment. With the ever growing Urban Backpacking population in Visalia, Stan was a little skeptical about stopping here.

As we walked in and looked around we continued to question why we choose this place. The building has been around for as long as we can remember, but that doesn’t excuse the restaurant from being dusty, dirty and torn up. Here are a few examples…

On a positive note… the bar area looked inviting, but as you can tell the bartender was out from behind the bar helping out in the kitchen and in the dining area serving food.

At a closer look the bar area isn’t as appealing as we first thought and might even be a safety hazard. Take a look for yourself.

This review is starting to sound like an episode of Bar Rescue. Jon Taffer would be very disappointed but neither here nor there.

On this visit we ordered a few items off the menu. Their famous potatoes…


the Mozzarella Sticks…

and a large pizza.

Stan was starving and dug in before I could snap a picture of the pizza (definitely not the Planning Mill) in its entirety. All in all, the food wasn’t that bad but like this pizza we are burnt out and over it.

It’s no surprise that customer service suffers when you don’t have enough staff on hand. The staff that was there, appeared friendly but were overwhelmed, overworked and disconnected from the customers. It’s impossible to provide an experience for the customers when there is no opportunity for interaction. That aside how about hiring a few employees or a cleaning crew to make your establishment look presentable. At a minimum it gives the appearance that you take pride in your business and that you care about your customers.

The building may be older and it may cost some money to make the much needed repairs but taking pride in your establishment is free. There is definitely a lack of pride here friends.

This place is reminiscent of a rowdy biker bar with an open late massage parlor right across the street.

In the end, we were left feeling like we have a duty to call the Health Department and or OSHA. If you do decide to venture to this place we would definitely recommend a tetanus shot prior to your visit.

It’s with a heavy heart we go to the score card-

Customer Service2 Stars

Food Quality2 Stars

Drink Selection2 Stars

Ambience0 Stars

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