We would describe ourselves as a middle class group of friends that range in age from 30-45. We enjoy the social aspect of wining and dining and or just having a few drinks with close friends.   We live in and around the city limits of Visalia and believe in supporting local businesses as we plan to open our own establishment in the near future.

Now a  little about “Stan”. We all have that friend that makes themselves available morning, noon or night. Whether it’s to for a cup of joe (hot chocolate for Stan), a quick bite for lunch or a few drinks after a long week at work, Stan is the man. He’s that friend that can’t go anywhere without seeing someone he knows or someone that knows him. He shows no expressions and is a man of few words but when he has something to say he gets to the point and I like that. Stan sits there and listens; to you vent or spill the latest gossip and his response to most situation is, “What are you gonna do?” If there is a memory to be made, an experience to be had or an adventure on the horizon, Stan is always a text away.

Through the years we’ve seen dining establishment/bars come and go and those that truly  thrive. We found ourselves critiquing these establishments based on four major categories: Food Quality, Drink Selection, Ambience and Customer Service, Customer Service being #1.  When the quality of the food fails to meet our expectations, we find that great customer service may entice us to give that establishment an opportunity to earn our business again. We are not out to shame these establishments for falling short but rather to praise those that focus on the customers’ experience. Our goal is to give our readers an honest review when looking to get out on the town and spend some money along with feeling confident when recommending their favorite spots to others.  Whether you’re in the mood for a glass of wine and a charcuterie platter, a specialty cocktail and tri-tip salad or a gourmet pizza and craft beer we got you covered.  We encourage feed back from both the patrons and the establishments.

We plan on posting our experiences regularly so if you would like your business reviewed, send a gift card for two along with a menu suggestion including an appetizer, main course and specialty drink/craft beer. Please note this will not influence our review.  If not, no worries I’m sure we will be seeing you soon.