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Brewbakers- 3.6 Stars 

Stan- Raspberry Apple beer, Brewbakers, you in? Rally the Crew. Stan- 10/4, 1900 hours. Translation- Sounds good, meet you there at 7. The LR4U crew enjoys visiting establishments with character and Brewbakers definitely makes our list. This place is reminiscent of the restaurants that line Bourbon Street or downtown SLO. From the street you can… Continue reading Brewbakers- 3.6 Stars 

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Pizano’s on Main 3.75 Stars

The LR4U crew including our pal Stan visit Pizano's on Main St. in Visalia regularly. We have always been impressed with their customer service and the quality of the food and drinks. There are however, a few notable inconveniences when dining at this establishment. Here's where Pizano's shines: Walking in gives you the feel of an intimate setting… Continue reading Pizano’s on Main 3.75 Stars

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Bravo…Bravo Farms (Tulare)

Stan...you free for lunch? Me..yea. Stan...Bravo in Tulare? Me...see ya there! We walk into the newly renovated Bravo Farms at the Tulare Outlet mall. Wow..they did an amazing job making the place more spacious and  and welcoming with all of its natural light, a small gift area and Rosa Brother's ice cream (a must try).… Continue reading Bravo…Bravo Farms (Tulare)

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Chili’s (Strike 3 We’re Out) 2.75 Stars

There's a reason why we stay away from corporate establishments and Chili's on Mooney Blvd. in Visalia proved our point. Not once or twice but THREE times. We understand that every seat in your restaurant is viewed as $ and it's important to move customers in and out as fast as possible so your seats… Continue reading Chili’s (Strike 3 We’re Out) 2.75 Stars

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Sequoia Brewing Company 3.6 Stars

You can often find the Locals Review Crew strolling down Main Street at sunset on any day of the week. There is something appealing about downtown that keeps us coming back. Maybe it the smell of something good cooking from one of the many restaurants or the sound of live music playing in the distance. Located in… Continue reading Sequoia Brewing Company 3.6 Stars

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Top 12 Watering-Holes

Ranking based on drink selections including variety, specialty and craft beers, wine list, & signature cocktails. Pita Kabob (Downtown Visalia) 31 craft beers on tap and small selection of wines. Chill environment inside and out…makes you want to stay a while. Sequoia Brewing Company (Downtown Visalia) 14 specialty beers on tap & a full bar.… Continue reading Top 12 Watering-Holes