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“Owie” and Sons Pizza Parlor- 1.5 Stars

It is pretty obvious to us when an owner is disconnected from their business. If you have visited Howie and Sons pizza recently then you understand exactly what we are talking about. Driving up their sign is unreadable... the parking lot is rundown and poorly lit at night. Customers want to feel safe when they… Continue reading “Owie” and Sons Pizza Parlor- 1.5 Stars

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Pizano’s on Main 3.75 Stars

The LR4U crew including our pal Stan visit Pizano's on Main St. in Visalia regularly. We have always been impressed with their customer service and the quality of the food and drinks. There are however, a few notable inconveniences when dining at this establishment. Here's where Pizano's shines: Walking in gives you the feel of an intimate setting… Continue reading Pizano’s on Main 3.75 Stars