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Tazz Coffee- Now you know.

The LR4U crew enjoys hanging out at Tazz and with these guys now serving up breakfast we have become regulars. Good coffee, great customer service and now breakfast. If you didn't know now you know. Tazz Coffee in Suncrest Bank downtown has become the perfect morning hangout to study for class, meet up with friends… Continue reading Tazz Coffee- Now you know.


Red Robin- Fails to Fly 2.3 Stars

It takes a lot to piss Stan off. Congrats Red Robin of Visalia, Congrats.Got my weekly text from Stan, "Robin, remodeled... You in?"The Red Robin at the Visalia "Mall", sure why not. It's mid week, mid afternoon and it's not the holiday season, we should be ok. Guess again.As we walk through the front doors… Continue reading Red Robin- Fails to Fly 2.3 Stars